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    Attack On Titan Theme Misheard Version



Was feeling cocky tonight, so I spent 10 minutes singing a misheard version of that “Attack On Titan” theme song.

From the video:

Attack on Titan Intro: Guren no Yumiya (Misheard Lyrics)


Tony Hawk says “From the bees and the evil!”

Ha ha ha ha, a bitter pecan (x2)

Who are retard, i not know

Nah, my egg moat, she lied to me

Tediore, she taught, oh lemur

Caught the woman, she want peru

He know all cats don’t go whoa, man

Not emo, koala nali

He, the mocha, ‘ey, unova

Got the car who got goo, gold battle

She got any curry? Go eBay,

Shoots the moon, she won’t, ore on me, come tomorrow

Ganja emo omelette, Kony, a bun gay

She said “Go order tree!”

Tony want that guy, cooks in the Koopa

Hot taquito, cold bazooka!

Told to kill your soul, Qa-atar

End of the world comin’ here, YEAAAAH

Color, I see your show with the hoagie

"Son of the oh yeah, key and panda!"

Doesn’t look ready, he or the cartoon

Made in Ouyaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ha, ha-has no games ah!

Ha ha ha ha, a bitter pecan (x2)

Ha ha ha ha



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